The most extensive firearms, air guns and ammo reference guide in the world!

On a DVD for your PC or Mac, the Firearms Guide 4th Edition presents over 57,000 different pistols, revolvers, tactical guns, special ops guns, rifles, shotguns, fully automatic military guns, cannons, black powder and muzzleloaders, air rifles, air pistols and ammunition from 630 manufacturers from 45 countries. Historic guns from many wars are presented, from American Civil War, to WWI, WWII, to Vietnam War and many other wars.


Models are divided into:

Autoloaders Autoloaders Pistols Pistols Assault Rifles Air pistols Cowboy
Bolt actions Bolt actions Revolvers Revolvers Submachine Guns Air rifles Handgun
Combination guns Combination guns Rifles Single shot pistols Machine Guns Rifle
Double guns Drillings Shotgun Automatic Pistols Rimfire
Drillings Lever actions Canons Shotgun
Lever actions Over&Unders
Single shots Side-By-Sides
Slide/Pump actions Single shots
Slide/Pump actions



We are presenting to you the newest semi auto shotguns, .50 cal rifles, full automatic air rifles, muzzleloaders, Olympic-grade airguns, flintlocks, ammo in all calibers and gauges, bespoke guns with price tags up to $1,000,000 from European royal custom gun makers, big game air rifles, black powder guns, cowboy shooting guns, tactical guns, heavy machine guns, submachine guns, assault rifles, US and European custom made guns, historic replica firearms, the newest revolvers and pistols, PCP air guns, European drilling rifles with four barrels and so much more!

Whether you are a firearms enthusiast or collector, shooting sportsman or casual plinker, police officer or army soldier, big game hunter or a varminter, we have presented all the guns that you are interested in.

Models are presented with detailed technical specifications, prices, features and 39,000 high-resolution color pictures (up to12 total and partial pictures per model)!


Each model manufactured in several finishes or stocks is presented with pictures of every finish and stock. Now you are finally able to see your favorite firearm model in camo, black, walnut, silver or with a blued or stainless, octagonal or round barrel - in any manufactured combination! Find more here.


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