FFL Locator! Find any gun dealer in the US.

While searching through over 57,000 Firearms, Airguns and Ammo from 630 manufacturers on the Firearms Guide you will certainly find a model that you would like to own. But where can you buy it? Now that problem is solved with our FFL Locator. Get list of all FFL gun dealers in US - 65,000 of them. Find FFLs near you with their address and telephone number instantly simply by entering your zip code. Call them and find out if they have the gun you want or if  they can order it for you. Now when you have all contact info of all gun dealers in your town call them and find out which gun dealer will offer you best price for the gun you are looking to buy.

Even if you buy guns online you'll need FFL in your state to do transfer for you. Now you can find all FFLs in your town or state and you can call them to find out how much they charge for gun transfers. When you find FFL that will charge you the least, you have his address and now you can drive there to pick up your gun.

If you are looking to sell some of your guns now you can all  FFL's near you, call them and find out how much they offer you for your gun. Sell your gun for the best price.

That's the way to shop smart, to save money and time with Firearms Guide's FFL Locator!